Hector Maclean is a heritage brand like no other.

Maclean is of one of the oldest Highland clans, with a seat on the Isle of Mull. But Hector’s origins also derive from war-torn Poland, occupied France, and rural Zimbabwe. Poised on the intersection of tradition and modernity, his work draws on this rich history.

The clan slogan - Bàs no Beatha ,"Death or life" – is key to his design. Having encountered a near-death experience, resulting in two broken legs, lends a raw authenticity to the question.

Alongside this gravitas is a playfulness, rooted in his creative upbringing. The son of an artist and dancer, his collections have a whimsical quality, combining romance and radicalism, disorder and elegance.

Positions with leading designers – Vivienne Westwood, J.W. Anderson, Mark Fast and Jonathan Saunders – developed his love of the craft of fashion, attention to detail and an understanding of clients.

Deep respect for clients and muses is a core principle. Drawing on his early career as a model, Hector maintains heightened awareness of the wearer, and celebrates ageless beauty.